Launched in 2017 as a community for people who have interest in travelling, fooding, technology, education, fashion, health, spirituality, psychology and many other useful topics, this site is a quickly growing collective of go-getters from all around the world.

Pick-N-Learn serves as a single platform which can provide information about any common topic that the reader wants to seek.

On this website, you will also find blogs containing solutions about life problems, society problems and mostly the problems that are faced by today’s youths, and if applied properly, those solutions can really be helpful in vanishing such small but deeply affecting issues from your life.

Therefore, as a beginner it is my effort to provide my readers, knowledge about their respective area of interest from one single platform. Also, you will definitely find some tips and solutions that can help in disappearing small life issues, if they are applied properly.

About Myself


My name is Rishabh (DOB: 22/11/1992) and I work in an Investment Banking Division of a knowledge processing organization based in Gurugram, India. I hold a B.Tech Degree in Computer Science and an MBA in International Business & Finance.

What made me start this website?

When I used to come out of my office in the late evening, I used to think that “now my day has started, as this is the time that I can give to myself”. So in that personal time I planned to write blogs by creating a website that can provide information about almost all the topics to the readers.

Through Pick-N-Learn, I want to use my work capabilities to fetch information from various sources and then publish it to the website for my readers. I also want to write my own mind about the general issues that are in the brain of 90% of the today’s youths and how they can conquer such issues.

So guys read my blogs, use the information published here and also apply the solutions (if you find them useful) to your issues.

Please share your valuable feedback at rishabh.picknlearn@gmail.com


Rishabh 🙂


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