5 Tips to Cleanse Your Aura

Now a days people are getting extremely busy and involved in their professional life, that they do not get time to care for themselves. Even if they do get time, they have to give it to others in space of some personal commitments. There are certain things that people are not aware of, as they... Continue Reading →


5 Ways To Help Your Children Turn Their Dreams Into Reality

They say children have a pure heart and unlike adults, their dreams have no ceiling. It is always inspiring to listen to their dreams and ideas. Children start dreaming at an early age. They use to think about their future career, wealth, their education and so on. And their dreams can be huge. As far... Continue Reading →

Let children grow their own way!

We are living in the 21st century where the life has become so fast that even the family members don't get time to sit together, live together and enjoy together. Fathers working in the corporate sectors are able to spend quality time with their children only on weekends, while working mothers are only able to... Continue Reading →

Child labour and battle for child rights in India!

The children are the best gift of God on this planet and these little innocent children attracts the attention of every person. If children are asset of their families, then they are also the future of the country. So, it is the birth right of every child to be brought up in a good and happy environment with ample of love, care & affection. They should be endowed with good family and social culture & traditions so that they blossom into a wholesome personality as a responsible citizen of the country. But it is seen that despite many steps taken by the government and making laws against child labour, still there are fairly a large number of children who are deprived of their basic right of education and other priveleges of life, and are employed at various places just to earn bread & butter for themselves and for their families.

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