All About Artificial Intelligence

Recently we got to read headlines about Facebook panicking, as their AI bots developed a language of their own (Click Here). Was that a warning alarm for us? Should we really feel unsettled because of the AI future? Well!! that future is right here. If you ask Siri, the helpful assistant who magically lives inside your iphone, to make a call, read texts & emails to you, find the nearest burger place, then surely you have made AI a part of your everyday life. Even current weather forecasting systems, Google’s search engine and spam filtering programs, among so many other practical applications, are configured with AI.


15 Highly Advanced & User Friendly Gadget Gift Ideas!

Does any of your good buddy or a child at your home like gadgets? Do you want them to be surprised by gifting them the most advanced & robotic gadgets? If yes, then don't be confused. After digging out deep, here I have found 15 amazing gadgets that you can gift to others or you... Continue Reading →

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